Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sapodilla (Naseberry) Dawn Dessert - Raw Food is Wow Too

sapodilla dessert

I'm slowly learning to come to terms with my altered body now that I have had children. But Wizzy you exclaim you’ve had 1 ½ years to get back in shape! As I was saying. It’s been slow going. Some days I cringe at my reflection and most days I honestly don’t recognize the woman in the mirror since I seem to be stuck in a mental time warp of my young adult self which is weird because that was a most awkward and self-concious time of my life. Are women ever truly happy with what we look like?

I want to lose weight but my attempts to exercise are constantly derailed. If it’s not playing nursemaid to children who get sick at inconvenient times then it’s the difficulty of getting someone to babysit so that I can go to my exercise class. If I am to be completely honest then I also must admit that my biggest hurdle is one of choice. Yes there are days that I choose to relax and not have to rush off to yet another activity even if it’s supposed to be something that is good for me..

Right now I’m a good candidate for a makeover. But before you rush off to sign me up for a beauty overhaul consider this, at the end of the day when my exhausted somewhat out of shape body falls into bed; I am content. I am happy with my life and my insanely hectic days. My unsophisticated look may not be for everyone but it’s honest. It’s where I am in life right now and why should I pretend otherwise. Now is wow too. Isn’t that a lovely refrain? I picked it up from Elspeth. I sincerely hope that she doesn’t mind me borrowing the name of her blog. It's an uplifting message.

While I’m not giving up entirely on the idea of exercising, I am easing up on the pressure I’ve been putting on myself to look a certain way. If you’re a woman then you know what I’m talking about. Our image of beauty is driven by unrealistic media hype. I will stop listening. I will shut up that ugly inner voice which tells me that I will be happier later on if/when I lose (insert number) pounds. I’m taking Elspeth’s beautiful message to heart. I am wow right now. What about you?

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Sapodilla (Naseberry) Dawn Ricipe 
(adapted from Elspeth)
Serves 1

2 ripe sapodillas (naseberries)
1 large banana (crushed and frozen)
Two raisins
A smidge of freshly grated nutmeg
12 almond slices
2 walnut or pecan halves

Pulverize the banana in the blender and freeze for about 3 hours. Cut the tops off the sapodilla and scoop out the center seeds. Pile the frozen banana into the center of the sapodilla. Sprinkle with grated nutmeg and decorate with the remaining ingredients.

Sapodilla (naseberry) has always been one of my favourite fruit. For those of you who may not know it, sapodilla’s boring exterior belies the flavour party that is happening on the inside of this unassuming fruit which looks like a small potato. The predominant flavour is vanilla with a hint of creamy caramel. The soft pulp even has a slight granular texture which mimics the feel of sugar in your mouth. Cartwheels it’s so good. What I like about this dish was the little extra attention and effort that went into making it as visually appealing as it was delicious.

Elspeth follows a raw food diet. While such a rigid way of eating is not for everybody, I don't know anyone who doesn't appreciate the health benefits of including more raw fruits and vegetables into their diets.


  1. Cute. This recipe for raw enjoyment starts with...2 sapodilla and a large banana....

  2. LOL at Donna's observation ....

    an' oh gosh .... why everyting on your blog have tuh look so good gyul ....

    I love sapodilla .... ah want one now!!!

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. The camphor that we use is edible one. They also have the non edible one in India. However the edible one has to be a teeny tiny bit because it can be very strong. Regarding losing weight, I guess its a constant struggle for some of us. My yoga teacher tells me that if I don't do yoga then its like not having a bath or brushing my teeth in the morning. He tells me to walk away from food when I have had enough and allow air and water to take the remaining spot. I know sometimes I follow his advice and other times I kind of goof off.

  4. Lovely post. I always try to remind myself that the most important thing is to be healthy...if you've got that, then whether or not your body matches up to that perfect image doesn't matter :) I also love the recipe! The ideas of filling the sapodillas and decorating them with the almond flowers are so, so cute.

  5. These are such cutie and sounds amazing too! It's good to enjoy raw food sometime. Btw, you were asking for the rice flour fatt kuih the other day, right! I actually have two versions. Here's the link to the simple version."
    Hope you'll enjoy and have fun.
    Cheers, Kristy

  6. Raw food? Sure! as long as it is fruits and veggies I like and not raw grass!
    I can understand your feelings; my children are now grown and I ma dealing with another set of challenges; but it is exciting when they finally grow up and move away; time to reflect on yourself; now your time is no longer yours and that is so difficult. This too shall pass.

  7. bravo, wizzy! stellar commentary, and very interesting recipe! i'm ignorant of naseberries (and raw food diets in general), but this looks great. :)

  8. Love me some sapodilla! I have not yet made peace with my post baby body and still fight every day. For me -the days I fight hard are my best days -it seems to be hardwired into me that this fight is not only necessary but good. Which is to say -I need help!

    I've been having some issues with raw foods lately. Daughter and I have been diagnosed with "Food Allergy Syndrome" which means some raw fruit (esp the ones with lots of seeds -e.g. melons, tomatoes, citrus) cause us reactions when our seasonal allergies are high - DD can eat watermelon if it isn't spring, and in the spring citrus congests me horribly. Frozen or cooked fruits don't pose this problem. So I've been trying to find ways to NOT eat raw food. To each his own huh?

  9. Fantastic. I am wow now too. I love how your raw dessert looks! Almost pastry-like.

  10. atighty then Donna:-)
    Srimathi thanks for stopping by.
    Taste of Beriut-hope it doesn't pass too quickly I am enjoying this stage. This wasn't meant to be a complaint but more of an affirmation of me as I am now:-)
    Dee-share the tomato allergy and S has a longer list but this was for me only. I need to consume healthier snacks
    Elspeth-I loved it as soon as I saw it on your site so thanks for the great idea and the +ve message:-)

  11. amazing~ I thought it was muffin!!!

  12. Wizz, I've never even HEARD of sapodillas. We don't have them in Belgium! However, I love the way you've made a flower with the almonds. Beautiful! I love it when the fresh fruits come into season.

  13. what's my excuse? i have no kids...i just hate exercising! the important thing is that u're happy! to hell with what anyone else thinks! i never really liked sapodillas but these look delicious

  14. I love sapodillas! Can't buy them around here, but if I didn't live in an apartment, I would have a tree for sure. We eat them when we visit the islands. With a fresh fruit salad, sapodilla tastes like brown sugar!

  15. My child is 12 and I'm still struggling with the post-baby body issues. Too bad I don't like exercise as much as I like food...

    We don't seem to get many sapodillas around here but I'm going to keep looking!

  16. Wow, I would have never guessed by looking at it that this is a raw dessert! It's so beautiful, that little flower made of sliced almonds is a lovely finishing touch. :)

  17. Sapodilla is new to me! They sure sound delicious! As does this little treat you made with them. That inner voice gets me sometimes too...

  18. Never heard of sapodilla, but it sounds intriguing!

    And girl, I hear you on the body issues. It's been 4 years since I've given birth and my poor, deflated stomach isn't going anywhere.

  19. @TKW - at least your tummy had the good sense to deflate one the baby was born. Don't know what mine is waiting on to realize that it's no longer occupied:-)

  20. Congrats on Top 9! This is beautiful! GREG

  21. Wow - something completely new to me! Love it, now I have to go and try to find it! ;-) Beautiful photos...

  22. Sapodilla is my favourite fruit. *dribble...

    I've been wanting to make Wendy Rahamut's sapodilla pie for the longest. But first I have to get back to Trinidad for my recipe book.

    This is simple and once I get my hands on some here (NYC), I'll definitely be making this simple recipe.

  23. I have never heard of Sapodillas?? Love Raw Food, wrote a raw food cookbook with about 30 recipes in it…always adding to it in reprint…wow Wizzy, this sounds yummo!