Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dusting the cobwebs off my blog

Cob Webs
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Goodness gracious, it has been almost a year since I wrote anything on my blog. Some of you must have thought that I have forgotten all about it. A few people, like Staxwent a step further and found ways to contact me which was really very sweetOthers, like my friend S in Miami and D in Dallas, got on the phone and hollered at me for just stopping without at the very least a be-right-back post or a fare-thee-well.

The thing is I never really intended to stop blogging. Life just got in my way. First, my mom with an ongoing medical issue which became critical around the same time that we were involved with a home renovation. All of this together with the usual demands of being a working momtaking care of a family and I hope you can understand that something had to give. I was unhappy that the something which had to be sacrificed, was my blogYet the idea of writing a blog interrupted post in my mind would have validated something that I really did not wish to be true. I was well and truly in denial. Of course by the time I reached the stage of acceptance it just seemed like there was little point to do so anymore.

So what's going on? Well my life just seems to move from one colossal crises after another. This is not strictly true. Of course, there has been just about as much good mixed in with the bad. Yet it's the bad that always seems to make the most noise and take up most headspace. Two weeks ago I was in a fairly serious car accident. It was just one of those freak things, but I am thankful that everyone involved escaped without injury. I'd like to say that it has made me ponder my life (it has )but the truth is also that, for now, I am stuck at home with little more to do than cook and supervise the kids who are on school holidayFun as that may be, I find myself needing an occasional break from mummy dutyeven if that means hanging out here doing what essentially amounts to me talking to myself:-) Hopefully being back will help clear my head so that I can focus more on all the other good that is happening in my life on a daily basis.

So there you have it, although I have been away, I have still been surrounded by foodrecipes and photography - all good things.

So this was me last month at a food photoshoot surrounded by lots of good things, delicious cupcakes and friends with awesome cameras. I did not take my camera but I did take my appetite and thus I helped with the uhhh..... cleanupTough job I know but chocolate-mint and ginger-carrot cake cupcakes just don't pick up after themselves you know! Wow, I needed help getting up out of that chair afterwards. In the end though you know I could not stay away from getting behind the lens.

Anyone who wants to get these delectable cupcakes you can visit the Just Bites FB page here. I taste tested them for you and they come with my stamp of approval!



  1. .thanks for sharing

  2. welcome back :-) I started posting after an 11-month hiatus just this week. Went back on Flickr and noticed you had a few recent photos and wondered if my offline life meant I'd missed blog posts!
    Hope you are recovering from the accident. Sometimes you can have a year where things just pile on. I empathise :-)

  3. OMG You're back! This seriously made my day.

  4. you're alive! hallelujah! glad to see you back, wizzy, and to learn a little bit about what kept you away. it's true--sometimes our lives need a kick in the pants. :)

  5. Yeah your back! Blogging is so hard. People don't realize just how time consuming it is. Those cupcakes look fantastic. Must try them now and love the new tweaks you did to the blog

  6. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome back:-)

  7. You're back! woohoo! welcome back - we missed you :-)

  8. Talk about timing. As I too returned to blogging i've been taking a look around at those blogs i loved back some 11-12 or so months ago. Seems we were all in some form of hibernation :) Glad you're back and I hope all is well with your Mom.

  9. Nice to ssee you blogging again. I know what it's like, I get less time these days as well.
    Sorry to hear you were in an accident, hope you recover soon.

  10. Okay, I have to admit that I have been stalking your blog several times every month to see if you were back. SO HAPPY YOU ARE!!!
    Welcome back!


  11. Welcome back! We all need a break sometimes, I can relate to this but we all need to regroup. I took a short break myself and am slowly getting back into the groove. Like you gets in the way.