Thursday, June 11, 2009



Porridge was not eaten in this house a lot, dare I say it, before kids. What really made it a regular addition to the breakfast menu was a high cholesterol result on my hubby's medical test. A lot of people talk about it being comfort food. I totally get how a bowl of something warm might appeal to those in colder climates but I just think it's gross. Babies apparently love it and it is one of the first foods we give them....I don't remember eating a lot of it as a child....I do remember lots of American style cereals. These days it still is very à la mode to toss out local porridge in favour of quick American breakfast cereals.

One morning I was choking down my oatmeal glop, all the time wearing my mmm, mommy thinks it's delicious face,so as not to scare the kids or my husband, who has in fact once said that my eating-oatmeal-face is worse than my morning face (I am not a morning person), when it occurred to me that maybe I should try out our local porridge. Surely I would find one that I like.

My porridge adventure began with cornmeal and continues with what Vincentians and Tobagonians call Farine. Sadly, this is not going to be the one that cures my aversion of this food. I did love the flavour, it tasted like cassava pone but I'd rather eat pone. Again, I'm done in by the icky texture.


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