Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dairy Free Chocolate Pudding (Vegan)

vegan choc pud 6.jpg
I know what you are thinking.

You don't have to say it.

Chocolate and avocado together, well that's just crazy!

I will admit to having reservations when I first saw the recipe.  

I also had ten fully ripened avocados. And just so you know there is only so much of this or this that a person can eat.

Chocolate and avocado though.........hmmmmm.

Hey, look it's a no cook recipe!

vegan choc pud 4 logo
Niceness, it's starting to look better already.

Healthy too. Okay now I am backing off to being cautious again because ... honestly eewwww!

Let's play a word association game. I say dessert and you say ____________________?

I'll bet you didn't say healthy. Neither did you say chocolate and avocado pudding, am I right?

Bravely I forged ahead and tried one of the many recipes floating about the Internet for this unusual dessert.

I can not tell a lie people, it tasted ....hmmm.......uhmm...well it tasted healthy. And yeah that was a euphemism.

I stuck the thing in the fridge hoping it would taste better chilled. While I waited, Google and I got to work to brainstorm how I could make this work.

It turns out the answer was simple.  Salt!

That simple addition COMPLETLY transformed this into something that ended up in my tummy rather than the bin..

Thank you salt. Good save:-)

vegan choc pud2logo
Dairy Free Chocolate Pudding
1-2 servings

1 small ripe avocado ( approx 1 1/2 cup avocado cut into pieces)
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1/4 cup Agave nectar (you could use honey but be aware that it won't be vegan if you do)
1/4 cup almond milk, rice milk or vanilla flavored soy milk
a pinch of salt (not optional)

Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Chill before serving.


  1. salt is rarely optional for me, but i can see how it would be a necessity here. lovely and surprising use of avocado!

  2. :) I love salt not optional!
    Isn't it amazing how a simple addition can transform a recipe
    I have seen this healthy pudding around and was hesitant to try it..maybe with the salt I will

  3. Ohhh - I really need to try this!!

  4. That looks lipsmacking god and I would not know if I read not read the avocado! What an idea:)