Monday, February 1, 2010

Here are links to some of my favourite blogs.

Caribbean Food Bloggers 

Candi Cooks
Come Taste This
Frangipani and Gingerlily
Life Span of a Chennette
Simply Tia
Simply Trini Cooking
Tastes Like Home
The Crucian Contessa

Yummy Food Blogs (Rest of the World)


 Aaplemint: Gorgeoues photos and deliciouis recipes from Kate in Ghana

My Little Space: Blogging out of Malaysia with the most creative uses for tapioca desserts that I have ever seen

Ravenous Couple:  I am learning all about Vietnamese food from this couple who now live in the America but  were originally from North and South Vietnam..

Not quite Nigella: Lorraine scores the most interesting interviews about food

Duo Dishes
Mangio da Solo The lovely Memória eats alone but the delicious stuff to come out of her kitchen is really meant for company. Can I come over?

Ravenous Couple
Serendipity - Ser*en*dip*i*ty (noun) Not finding what one is searching for, but finding something better. I prefer Kate's meaning. She says it's serene with a little dipity added. I agree.

Great Britain
Coffee & Vanilla: Margot will tell you that she is Polish but don't let her fool you her recipes make me wonder if in a past life she might have been West Indian. Oh and she is also a very talented photographer

Middle Eastern
Taste of Beirut Lebanese recipes for home cooking

Caribbean Blogs ( Non Food)
Guyana Girl
This Beach called Life
Uncommon Caribbean


  1. I love my blog roll.

  2. So many blogs, so little time; thanks for some new discoveries!

  3. Nice blog - You have been added to This Beach Called Life under Blogroll and Food

  4. My greatest issue is not enough time...and go through the 100s of blogs I enjoy daily!!!!!!! Plus 3 kids, husband, full time job...and blogging too!

  5. awwww .... yuh too tweet .... thanks fuh de mention :-)

  6. yes there are so many many wonderful blogs is sooo difficult to keep up n so little time....I follow as many as I can n my blog roll is so long already but it keeps growing little by little tho! :)))

  7. Oh, my. I've just found this. THANK YOU for including my blog. I'm touched. There's nothing like having another blogger say that they like your blog.

    Thank you.

  8. I feel honoured that you included me Wizzy. One good turn deserves another so I've added you to my blog roll. Take care :-)

  9. Check out my blog roll! (on the sidebar towards the end)

    Hoping you'll find some fun new blogs to love there!

  10. Added your link to my Peteformation blogroll. Cheers

  11. Thought you may be interested in this blog:

    The author (a trained chef) and her children suffer from gluten and lactose intolerance and so the blog is devoted to such recipes. She is a vegetarian and a New Zealander who now lives in Australia. A lot of the ingredients are pretty similar to the ones we have here in the Caribbean.